A single 60 minute massage for the Goddess-on-the-go. An integrative space for any time of work - deep tissue, swedish, integrative, or our in house combo of yummy techniques.

Self-love package

For the sparkly spirit who is in need of some self care. Receive two 90 minute massages at a discount.

Wild Embodiment

For the dedicated embodiment queens. This is a monthly membership that includes 3 massages per month. Have your self-care taken care of ahead of time! Put your wellness first with this embodiment package.

Meet Shelby!

Shelby Robbins is the bodyworker at Wild Turtle Massage and the heart behind it all. Get to know her here.



Welcome to Wild Turtle Massage. If you’ve made your way to this site, you probably have a few things in common with our fellow sisters who find themselves here:

  • You want your body to support you so that you can fully show up.
  • You are seeking to connect with your body in a healthier, more grounded way.
  • You are curious and inspired by massage that nurtures your full being.
  • You believe in the healing power of touch.
  • You know that you are a queen and fully deserving top-notch self-care.

If this speaks to you, you are in the right place! Grab our free gift and hop into our community. Welcome, and may you find yourself at home here.