It is my intent to create an environment that is as safe and comfortable for you as possible.  Please let me know how I might do that.  Any questions, concerns or special needs are important and worth addressing.

What can I do to prepare for the session?

It is probably more comfortable for you if your stomach and bladder are empty when you receive your massage.  It is to the benefit of both of us that you show up for sessions clean.  Please consider this when scheduling, as you may need to make time for a shower before your appointment.

Do I have to get fully undressed?

Please undress to your comfort level. Massage is generally performed on a fully unclothed, but carefully draped person.  The client is always covered with a sheet, and only the area being worked on is undraped.  The genitals are always covered.  It is important for you to respect your own needs and disrobe to the level at which you are comfortable.

Are these full body sessions?

Your session is for you.  It is time for attending to your needs, which can change from day to day.  Sometimes a full body massage, in which the whole body is addressed, is appropriate.  Other days, you may want to spend more time on a particular area, to the exclusion of others, and that is also okay.  As we learn to listen to our bodies, we can better articulate our needs.

Why do I get emotional during massages?

I believe that when we work with the body, we are working with the whole person, a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual being.  Sometimes with bodywork and deepened breathing comes a state of increased self-awareness.  This state may bring contact with emotional or historical issues.  If you choose to explore these issues, I am both willing and honored to remain present and support you in that journey.  Our focus is on the experience of the body and in allowing its wisdom to guide us.